Road accident victims

What do we offer?

SCA Tita and associates can offer the necessary expertise to attain the personal injuries indemnity as a result of road accidents in which you were involved.
If you were involved in a road accident produced by another person or because of the driver of the vehicle whose passenger you were, you are entitled to request and obtain indemnity, to cover the material and moral prejudice. You can obtain indemnities even if the vehicle, involved in the road accident, doesn’t have a RCA insurance, in which case the indemnities are paid by the B.A.A.R (The Vehicle Insurance Bureau from Romania). Among the responsibilities of this bureau is to pay indemnities for the people that suffered prejudices from road accidents produced on the Romanian territory and, in some special conditions, on the territory of other countries, involving uninsured and unidentified vehicles.
Even in the situation when the number of medical care days is under the limit of the 90 days provided in the art. 196 of the penal code, or even in the situation when the road accident caused just material prejudices (the damage of your own vehicle) you are entitled to obtain indemnities or the counter value of the material prejudice. Moreover, in conformity with the I.C.C.J decisions, you can attain indemnities even if you reconciled with the person responsible of the accident or even if you did not submit the penal complaint in the required time.
However, we can professionally assist the persons alleged to be guilty of producing the road event with the objective of obtaining a solution for classification, acquittal or representation in court to obtain a fair solution in reference to the case (e.g. conditional suspension or suspension under the supervision of the execution of the sentence).

We offer our experience and professionalism to represent both individuals (Romanian or foreign citizens) and their daughters.

In the case of bodily injury, both the injured person and his / her family can be compensated for the damage suffered as a result of the road event. Also, in the case of death of a close person, our specialists can provide legal assistance for the recovery of all expenses incurred on this occasion, but also for obtaining moral damages for all family members.

In order to attain the amounts to which you are entitled, our company can advise you professionally, methodically and procedurally before the insurance companies in order to obtain the optimal solutions at the negotiating table.

If you cannot reach an agreement, we will provide you with our expertise before all judicial bodies or before the courts.

In this regard, our attorneys can advise you professionally to correctly determine the circumstances in which the road event was produced and to obtain the highest possible amount of indemnities. Our specialists have the necessary expertise, both legally (drafting in the legal term of the preliminary complaints, requests for civil party formation, actions before the civil courts, ways of contact, requests for execution of the enforceable titles, etc.), but also from a technical point of view (the elaboration of the objectives of the specialized technical expertise, formulation of memoirs and objections, etc.).

Hiring a qualified attorney to attain indemnity from road events is imperative. Thus, if you opt for a discussion with insurance companies, at the negotiation table, these companies will set up specialists whose objective will be to grant as little as possible of the appropriate amount of compensation (presenting inaccurate data on the jurisprudence of the courts, evaluation at the lowest cost of the expenses incurred, etc.) If the lawsuit (either criminal or civil) is reached within it, the insurance company will present a speculating lawyer to speculate any aspect that will reduce the amounts that will be granted to you.

With a team having more than 10 years’ experience in the domain, composed by specialized attorneys and collaborators in fields closely related to this niche (experts in road accident reconstruction and expertise or legal practitioners, bailiffs), we are always available guaranteeing our expertise, professionalism and confidentiality.

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